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The Trouble with Glub

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

When ensign Penny Weatherly wakes up to find a shape shifting alien impersonating her and putting the moves on her favorite marine, she has to fight for her reputation, her sanity, not to mention her face...


The Trouble with Glub

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Pink… lilac… magenta… daffodil… grass green… mint… teal… sky blue….

I'm not sure how long I've been lying here, watching the ceiling change shades above me. I know the ship's walls shift colors gradually throughout the day and I've been lying here while half the rainbow has trickled by past my eyes.

I should probably sit up. I shove myself into a seated position. The ship's walls are warm and soft and they cradle my back as I lean against the surface, but…

Whoa. Dizziness. I should lie down again.

No, wait. I think I've been asleep for quite a while now.  

Slowly I push myself up to a standing position, smoothing down my UPA issued uniform. It's all rumpled. Why did I go to sleep in my uniform?

This won't do at all. I'm an ensign. I may be low on the pecking order on this weird hijacked alien vessel, but I'm still an officer and I have my pride.

I stride over… okay, wobble over… to my closet, opening it with a touch. The ship responds to my cues as if it can read my intentions. I fumble around for a moment because things aren't where I remember leaving them. Who's been in my room? It must be Gennaro, that girl is forever borrowing my stuff.

I finally locate a neatly folded skirt and button-down in the United Planetary Alliance formal colors. The dark grey highlights my light blue eyes, so it's got that going for it. My hair is ugh... snarled and almost grayish. Thank Venus for dry shampoo and anti-static curler. Five minutes and I'm back to my natural blonde hair, falling in soft waves down my back. Just because this is the military doesn't mean I can't look good. Especially on this ship with all those yummy marines running around. I know better than to get involved with my shipmates, but just because I'm being a good girl doesn't mean I don't get naughty thoughts. A lot of them.

I seem to have misplaced my communicator. Without the ability to call command, I guess I'll just walk there and see about getting a new one.

I step towards the door of my compartment, and it slides open without a sound. Something in the way the walls pulse makes me think the ship is feeling rather smug about guessing my intentions.

The hijacked swarm ship has been nothing but accommodating, of course, it's only been five days since we broke in and accidentally jumped to the other side of the galaxy, so time will tell.

I haven't completely got my bearings on the large ship, so I figure I'll just find somebody and ask. The first group I see are four marines jogging down the hallway, They look busy and I don't want to bother them.

I certainly don't expect the wolf whistles and stares I get from at least two of the guys. Well, that's new. Must be the "edge of the galaxy" energy, because that's hardly professional behavior. One of the guys, a large redhead, flips around and runs backward, staring me down the whole time, till his buddy punches him in the arm. He laughs, winks at me, and flips right way round again.

I stop in my tracks, watching them disappear around the curve of the hallway. What the fraxx just happened…? Is it hot in here? My cheeks feel like they’re on fire. I take a right where the marines took a left, just to be on the safe side, and I must be moving towards the mess because I smell food.

My stomach growls louder than a Xenthalor from Gravaxx 3. Oops. I can't even remember the last time I ate, though it must have been before my weird nap.  

"Hey baby," a good looking man, with dark hair, a jaw you could cut diamonds on and ice-blue eyes to match, hits me with a salacious grin.

"Do I know you?" I drag my hair over my shoulder, twirling the ends around my finger.

"Know me?” A thousand-megawatt smile lights up his face. “Hell yeah, baby. Repeatedly and biblically."

I sputter in confusion and weave around him, trying to walk away, but he grabs my wrist and tugs me around the corner into an alcove, pinning me against the warm lavender colored wall.

"What's the matter, baby… You weren't this buttoned-up last night."

His big paws run down my arms, teasing my sides and starting to unbutton my service uniform. His lips skim my ear, his breath warm on my neck.

It feels nice to be touched again. It's been so long.

I lean into his touch, letting myself be swept away by the scrape of his stubbled jaw along the sensitive skin of my collarbone. It's scary how much I enjoy being touched by this stranger.

What am I doing? I don't know him. I've never been with him. This must be some aftereffect of my nap. Maybe it wasn't a nap. Maybe I passed out. Maybe I'm sick. That would also explain why I'm so flushed.

I press my palm against his chest - his hard, muscled chest - gulp and push, but he just chuckles. The guy must be made of Ultranian steel. He hikes one of my legs around his waist and I feel something else made of steel. I struggle feebly.

Venus, it's been a loooong time.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"I'm not… we didn't... let me off," I pant.

"You want to get off?" He chuckles, "Well, give me a minute honey, I'm not superman."

"No. I… put me down. We're not doing this." I struggle to make my voice firm.

He lowers my leg, and I rearrange my skirt that's hiked up around my waist. My face must be totally red.

"What's your name again?" I ask, because apparently this guy thinks we've been intimate.

"Wow, you don't even remember my name?" He huffs and takes a step back. "I mean, I knew you were doing the rounds, but I thought you'd at least remember my name, especially since you were screaming it at the top of your lungs last night…" he pulls back, rearranging his own clothes. "You really know how to wound a guy's ego."

"Indulge me." I cross my arms to keep my trembling hands hidden, and to stop myself from reaching out to pet him again.

He frowns. For a moment I think he isn't going to answer but then he pouts, "Nereus."

Ok. That's better. "Listen, Nereus. I don't mean to be rude. I'm apparently suffering from some weird type of amnesia because I don't remember doing any of that... and so I'm sure you'd agree that something must be wrong because I'm sure you made it quite… memorable. So, I need to see the doctor."

He runs his fingers up my arm, giving me goosebumps, "If you like I could reenact last night's events with you… see if it jogs your memory?"

Fuck me, that's a tempting offer.

"Nooooo, I really need to see the doctor."

Nereus adjusts his uniform, smirking when my eyes are drawn to the distinct bulge in his nether regions. "If you change your mind, you know where to find me."

I make a hasty retreat before I change my mind and take him up on his offer. Following the strengthening smell of food, I let my growling stomach lead me towards nourishment and hopefully someone who can explain what's going on.

A few curvy halls and one mysterious dead end later, I stumble on the crew mess hall. Thanking my non-edible, yet lovely stars, I grab a tray and start piling it high with an array of delicious-smelling food.

"I'd stay away from the pizza after last time," a wry voice next to me says, and I catch Alexa Gennaro's flame-red hair in my peripheral vision. I raise a slice and give it a sniff… "Is that blue cheese?" I ask, my face screwing up in disgust.

"Yup," she pops the 'p', "and pineapple."

We both shudder. "The horror."

"Don't you remember the ship has been screwing up our meals?"

I scratch my ear, "Not really. When did that happen?"

Alexa shrugs, "A few weeks ago."

"Weeks??" I drop my tray on the counter by the food buffet and turn to stare at her fully. "We've only been on the ship for a few days."

Her bright green eyes meet mine with equal concern, and she leans forward to brush the back of her hand against my forehead. "Are you feeling all right, Weatherly? We've been on this ship for the past six months."

"No. That's not possible."

Alexa scoops up both our trays and walks them over to a nearby table. Then she returns and grabs my arm, guiding me over and plopping me down in the bucket-shaped protrusion the ship provides as a chair.

"Eat something…" she points at my tray, "this confusion might just be low blood sugar." I lift a tasty looking pastry, and she knocks it out of my hand. "Not that. Trust me," she shudders and hands me a spoon. "At least it got the mashed potatoes right, thank Jupiter."

I tuck into the steamy spud mash and soon I'm feeling much better, but there's still the matter of the lost time.

I look around the mess hall that's been filling up as we ate. Several crew members smile and nod as they see me, which is nice since I don't know most of them very well yet, but even more give me flirty winks and stares laced with intent.

Ignoring those types of looks, I turn my full attention to Alexa. She's my age, twenty-three, and easy to talk to. She's probably my best friend aboard. As the ship’s social worker, it’s her job to check up on me, but I’m still grateful for the attention.

"How long have we been on this ship?" I ask cautiously.

"Twenty-five weeks… just over six months."

She takes my hand gently, her thumb stroking over the back of my hand, "What do you remember?"

"We've been on the ship five days… I must be going mad. I just woke up on the floor of my cabin, in my uniform… my head is fuzzy."

"You seemed fine when you left the rec room last night with Nereus."

"But that's it. I don't remember being with Nereus. Or anything in the past…" I gulp, "Six months."

I look around the room again. Some of the people who met my gaze earlier seem confused, or even hurt, at my earlier reaction to them.

"Have I… did I seem normal to you? Over the past few months?"

Alexa squirms a bit in her seat. “Well, I didn’t know you very well before, and then we jumped to the edge of nowhere, and you kind of let loose. We just thought you were working through your anxiety about our situation with sex… lots and lots of sex… with everybody.” Alexa screws up her face, looking at me out the corner of her eyes, “Okay, it was a bit weird. But no judgment… We all processed the situation in different ways.”

Oh, no. "Who did I sleep with?" My face feels hot again. I'm probably as crimson as the walls during the evening shift.

Alexa licks off her spoon and uses it as a pointer, going around the room, "Him, him, her, him, that guy like several times… It's probably faster to discuss who you haven't slept with."

I bury my face in my hands. "Who haven't I slept with?"

"The captain... cause he's dead."

"The captain is dead?" I gasp. 


“The twelve-year-old?” Alexa nods.

“Thank God for small mercies."

“I don’t think you hooked up with that octopus guy from Zylon Six either…"

Wrapping my arms around my knees, I try to curl up into a fetal position. "Omg, I'm the ship slut, and I don't even remember it. My reputation is ruined."

Alexa rubs my shoulder. "To be fair, you do have a reputation... but the reviews are highly favorable. I, for one, had a very nice time."

This can't be happening. I bury my face in my hands. The food I just ate is trying to come back up.

"I'm going to be sick." I press my hand to my mouth, swiveling away from Alexa and dashing out of the mess hall. Except I have no idea where to go. I just need to get away from everybody. 

I turn down one hallway and then another, getting more and more lost. Up ahead, I catch a glimpse of blonde hair. There’s a couple pressed up to the wall, they look super cozy and I don’t want to interrupt, but the girl’s laughter stops me in my tracks. That’s my laugh. 

Wow, what is wrong with me? I hate to impose, but I'm feeling dizzy. 

I stumble closer, weaving, my hand pressed to the wall to support myself. Reaching out, I tap the guy on the shoulder. He has his back to me. All I can see is short sandy hair in a cropped military style. Wide, strong shoulders, nice shoulders. He turns into my touch and my palm slides across his firm chest, his eyes opening wide. 

“Logan?” The one guy I actually liked, and he’s busy hooking up with….  

“Penny?” he does a double-take, his eyes snapping back to the girl he has pressed against the wall. A girl with my face, my hair, my laugh. The world spins around me. Just before I hit the deck, strong arms wrap around me, and then the whole world goes dark. 



Pink… lilac… magenta… daffodil… grass green… mint… teal… sky blue….

A bright light shines into my eyes. I blink repeatedly, staring into a pair of brown eyes. 

“How are you feeling?” A soft male voice asks. 

“Who are you?” I mumble. 

His eyebrows crease. “I’m Doctor Sanderson.” The man steps further away.  “How are you feeling?”

 Oh, god. Did I sleep with him, too?

“Delusional,” I say honestly. “Seeing things. Possible amnesia… with a side of losing my mind.” 

The doctor chuckles. “Well, we can rule out a few of those.” 

He opens a door, beckoning to someone outside, and I pull myself up to a seated position on the infirmary cot. 

Logan’s wide shoulders fill the doorway, concerned grey eyes find mine. Logan and I connected during my first days on the ship. He told me about his childhood on Mars, being recruited at 13. He’s only 26 and he’s been a soldier half his life. He’s seen so many things during his service, but I bet even he won’t know how to cope with this. 

He runs a hand through his hair, messing up the longer strands on top. My fingers itch to reach out and smooth it for him, but I clasp my hands to my sides. Whatever chance I had with him is gone after this madness.

“Penny?” he asks, as if unsure. 

I nod. “I’m me…” I bite my lip, “the real me.” 

He nods. Solemn. “I told Harold… whoever… whatever I was with turned tail and ran as soon as I caught you. It seems we have some sort of shapeshifter onboard.”

“It could be anyone… anywhere…” I whisper. “How do we find it?”

Logan takes another step towards me, enfolding my hand in his larger one, his thumb swiping over the back of my hand in a soothing gesture. “We weren’t looking before. Now that we know… there are only thirty people on the ship. We’ll find it.”

The doctor prepares a syringe and I shy away. “What is that?”

“A mild sedative, just to help you calm down. Nothing to worry about.” 

I shake my head, my voice rising in panic. “No. What if it comes back? It knows I’ve seen it. What if it decides to take my place for good?”

Logan places his palm on my cheek, stilling my movement, his face inches away from mine. “I’ll be here. I won’t let it near you.” 

I take a deep breath, getting lost in his granite eyes. “You promise?”

“I do.”


The doctor’s sedative puts me to sleep. When I wake, the first thing I see is Logan in a chair by the bed. I sit up and he stretches his long legs and smiles. 

“How are you feeling?” he leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. 

“Better,” I slide my feet off of the cot, standing up. As soon as I’m upright, my balance deserts me and I sway. 

“Whoa.” Logan is out of his seat, snagging an arm around my waist and pulling me flush against him. “Careful.” 

I press a palm against his firm chest to steady myself and get lost in the sensation of hard muscle under the soft gray t-shirt he’s wearing. At his sharp intake of breath, I look up. We’re so close. I could easily run my fingers into that soft sandy hair and pull his lips down to mine. My tongue darts out, wetting my lips and his eyes follow it, heat igniting in his gaze, burning right through me like a flash fire.  

Someone clears his throat, and Logan takes a step back, though his palms still anchor my hips. 

“You good?” he asks. 

If I say ‘yes’ will he stop touching me? Because if that’s what happens when the answer is ‘yes’, I may never be good again. 

Despite my instincts, I nod, and he releases me but remains close. 

“I have good news.” Doctor Sanderson approaches us. “Your tests came back clean. And I’m working with Dylan to get the ship to pinpoint all entities onboard. We should have our stowaway in a matter of hours.”

“Can I go back to my room to rest…? I really need a shower and just a moment in my own space... I need to process.”

“Aren’t you worried it will go back there? It’s been using your room as a home base for the past six months.” Logan’s eyebrows crease in the most adorable frown, and this time I don’t resist my urge to reach up and smooth them. 

“I was hoping maybe a big, strong, brave marine could accompany me there and stand watch…”

“Oh,” he grins and pats his service weapon. “Well, if you put it that way.”

On the way back to my room, I cling to his arm. To keep my balance, of course. I feel safe with him around, but I’m still nervous re-entering the space where I was held captive. I stand to the side as Logan sweeps the room. When he gives me the all-clear I join him inside, the small space seeming cramped with him in here, taking up all the air. 

I step closer, till we’re practically toe to toe, tipping my head up to look at him. 

“So, was that the first time you and… the ‘not real me’, got together?”

Logan swallows. “To be honest, we never actually did… and I wasn’t going to today either. I like you. I have since our first days on the ship, but I knew you… she… it?” He huffs and laughs. “Whatever that thing is... It got around and I’m… not good with sharing.” 

I run my hand up his chest to rest on his cheek and he leans into it, his five o’clock stubble grazing my palm. “Good, because neither am I.”

He swallows, and I love that I affect him so much. I tip up on my toes, my lips hovering close enough to his to share a breath and whisper, "To be continued."

His eyes open wide, and then he groans and laughs. "You're killing me here."

"Uh-ah." I shake my head and sashay towards the cleaning unit. "If I was really trying to kill you, I'd…" 

I step into the cleaning unit, stopping just out of sight behind the door, and then shed clothing items, dropping them one by one in the doorway. Top, skirt, bra, panties. I grin to myself at the tortured, sexy noises coming from my room as I discard each one. I'm feeling rather wild and out of my element. I'm not usually like this, but having missed out on six months of my life, and waking up to discover I'm the ship’s walking, talking sex addict, has given me a new perspective. Why should fake me get to have all the fun?

I step into the cleaning unit and the warm soapy water makes me groan this time. 

"Is that an invitation?" I hear a husky voice just outside the doorway. 

"Do you need one?" I ask. 

"Yeah, call me old-fashioned, but I like this type of thing to be crystal clear."

I love that despite my teasing, he's being a gentleman and keeping his distance, but it's been a really long time. Much longer than I realized. 

"I would love you to join me." I sound rather breathless, but that's only because halfway through the sentence he steps through the doorway, pulling off his gray t-shirt and through the semi transparent partition of the cleaning unit I get an eyeful of exactly how delicious Logan is. 

Now I'm the one gulping.

Lean tight muscles bunch and flex as he runs his hands down his torso, my eyes following his hands as they slowly undo his belt, sliding it out of place. He removes his gun and is just about to place it on the counter when there's a knock on the door. 

We both groan. And not in the fun way. What fraxxing timing. 

He looks over his shoulder at the door. "Should I get that?" 

Part of me wants to ignore the knocking, reach out and pull him into the shower with me. But the responsible part of me, that's been in charge most of my life, the one watching me being so bold with a mix of awe and horror, says, "Yes," before I can stop it.  

I turn off the water, and my brain finally switches back on. I shouldn't have Logan opening the door to my bedroom half naked. What was I thinking? 

Evidently, I wasn't.  

I reach out and grab his arm before he can leave the room. "No. Wait. I'll get it. Give me a minute to get dressed." 

"One second, I'll be right there," I call out, hitting the auto-dry function. A powerful warm wind blows through the unit, flicking the drops off my body and drying my hair in no time. I run a quick brush through the strands and dash back into the room, pulling on a tank top, underwear and leisure pants. Logan is already fully dressed again, sigh, and he takes up a position in the corner by the door where he can't be seen by whoever is outside. 

I tap the door to open and stand transfixed at the sight of my own face. She, it… couldn’t get into the room while it was sealed from the inside, but I just stupidly granted her access. 

Blood drains from my face, leaving me light-headed as I stare into my own blue eyes. Her hair is up in a ponytail. It's actually kinda cute that way. I should try it sometime. Oh God, Penny, focus. The thing is here. The thing that impersonated me successfully for months. What does it/she want? Why is she still wearing my face? She has to know the gig is up. Is she here to kill me and take my place for good?

I sway on my feet and place my hand on the doorjamb for balance, and that's all it takes for Logan to raise his gun and sprint to my side. 

The other Penny's eyes widen as she notices Logan. 

"Fraxx," she spouts, and then she's off. Logan hightailing after her, with me bringing up the rear. 

This has to be the weirdest chase in the history of chases. Me, chasing Logan, chasing… me. 

The other Penny seems to know the ship really well. She bobs and weaves, and she's much faster than I am. She almost gets away, but then she ducks into a hallway that ends in only one place. 

The Glow Chamber. 

It’s a chamber at the heart of the ship whose function is unclear. It appears to be part of the ship's bioprocess. The chamber is full of softly pulsing, floating orbs of light. It's a popular spot for couples seeking a romantic location to steal a few moments together. I bet other Penny put this place to full use with all the hooking up she did. 

Well, jokes on her now, because there's no way out. 

Logan creeps into the room, holding his hand out behind him for me to take. I latch on, crowding close to his back. The space is large and curved, the wavy walls forming convenient nooks and crannies to sit or lie or hide. The floating orbs of light range in size, from tiny marbles to beach balls, hovering at various heights. They further obscure our view.

I'm not sure what our objective is here. Are we going to shoot her? Take her into custody? Are we the ones with the upper hand here, or did she just lure us into a trap?

"Come out," Logan calls in a soothing tone, "we won't hurt you."  

Please don't hurt us. I pray silently. 

Something moves deeper into the room and Logan weaves around a glowing lilac beach ball orb and moves further into the room. 

"I don't like to sleep alone." My voice says from the furthest corner. 

"Who are you?" I ask. 

"What are you? How did you get on this ship?" Logan adds, stopping not far from the creature, his weapon trained on it/her. She's still in the clothes she was wearing when I found them together in the hall. 

Other Penny sighs and slumps against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chest. It's such a human move. It's such a ME move. 

I place my hand on Logan's arm and push, signaling he should lower his weapon. Then I sit down by his feet, facing her. 

"My name is Glub." Other Penny… well, Glub, says. "I got sucked onto this ship when it materialized near my home planet. I come from the ring city of Tadageh orbiting planet Cribala. By the time I understood what had happened, the ship was speeding away. I spent several days in hiding, watching. Everyone seemed to like you, Penny, and you were so pretty." 

I can't help blushing and Logan gives me a soft look, his hand brushing my shoulder. 

"I was lonely." Glub continues. "I just wanted to interact. On Tagadeh, I’m part of a flurten… living together, we are many mates and partners. I didn't expect to be here so long." She sighs. "I like people… I like them a lot... and I like touching them and them touching me. Your bodies are so pleasurable. I just wanted to learn all the different ways they could be enjoyed."

Despite myself, I understand. I don't want to like her, but I do.   

"Why are you still me?"

"Who else could I be?" Glub shrugs, looking confused. "You were the only one I had hidden, if I imitated another crew member who is awake…"

"No, I mean…" 

I look to Logan for help and to my surprise he joins me, sitting cross-legged on the floor. "What I think Penny means, is why not show us the real you?"

Glub looks horrified. "From what I have learned of humans and their perceptions, I do not think they would find my true form pleasurable."

"Try us. No judgement." I nod, and Logan flashes one of his gorgeous and rare smiles. Who could resist him? I certainly can't.  

Glub nods and shifts into something that looks like a giant yellow and teal slug. A pair of curvy tentacles protrude out of its head and along its torso are a multitude of soft blue spikes with yellow tips. It grins at us with a mouthful of sharp purple teeth. 

"Oh, God." I clasp Logan's forearm so hard my nails leave marks in his skin. He hisses and I ease up, just a little bit. 

"What do you think?" Glub's voice still sounds human. Logan and I exchange a glance. I swallow, forcing myself to sound calm. 

"First of all, you need to come with us and explain the situation to the crew." 

"They won't hurt me?" Glub asks in a small voice, antennae waving nervously.

"I don't think so.” Logan says, “You've been on board for six months and done no harm. Many crew members enjoyed your company... albeit unwittingly... I'm sure once you’ve shown them the real you and explained what happened, they’ll learn to accept you for you." It's hard to read the expression on the slug face, but the antennae wave doubtfully. 

"Or you can take on a different human form, that doesn't look like anybody on board." I suggest. 

Glub dips its head in a very human gesture of agreement.

"Ship, can you ask everyone to please come to the bridge, we want to introduce them to someone." 

The ship pulses agreement and a soft mental nudge tells me that our presence is required on the bridge. Logan rises and holds out his hand, pulling me into his arms.

"We should come back here later," he murmurs, and I run my hand along his chest and behind his neck. 

"Yes, we should," I brush my lips lightly against his mouth and he opens, taking control of the kiss and leaving me breathless.

"I like kissing too..." Glub says hopefully, and I chuckle and bury my red face in Logan's chest.

"We'll make sure you find someone to kiss. One way or another," he says, but his eyes are on me and this ship must be leaking air because I'm short of breath again. 

We escort Glub to the deck, waiting till the whole crew is gathered. 

"We want to introduce you to someone," I say. "Many of you have had experiences of an intimate nature with this entity over the last six months. I know you believed those experiences were with me, but… the truth is, I've been in a suspension chamber in my room this whole time. The entity you have been calling Penny is a Cribalan named Glub." I call out, “You can come in now,” and Glub slithers into the room, followed by Logan. The crew makes noises of confusion and disbelief. 

"Glub, can you…" I wave my hand and Glub briefly shifts into Other Penny, holding the form for a minute before resuming its true form again.  

"You're telling me I banged that?" Nereus looks like he's going to be sick. 

"Yup, baby. Repeatedly and biblically." 

Glub and I high appendage as Nereus runs out of the room. The rest of the crew mills around, processing the knowledge. Generro comes closer, with Alan in tow. 

"Now that I think of it, this shapeshifting thing has a lot of potential." Her eyes shift between Alan and Glub. "You can be anyone you want?”

Glub nods, looking hopeful and morphing into Alexa, then Alan.

“I’ve never been with twins…” Her smile is devilish. 

“Well, neither have I.” Alan adds, “How about we each have a turn? What do you say, Glub?” 

The three of them head off together and Logan draws me into his arms. 

“I think Glub is going to be very busy,” he smiles, “and have plenty of people waiting in line.” He threads his fingers through mine, drawing me out of the busy deck and into a more private corner.

“I’m glad for two reasons.” I smile against his mouth as he bends down for a kiss. “I kinda like that colorful slug. I wouldn’t want it to be sad.” 

“That’s sweet.” He presses a gentle kiss to my mouth. “What’s the second?” 

“Well, I’m not sure if Glub and I are still roommates, but I’m going to need the room to myself for the foreseeable future. When are you next on duty?” 

“Not till baby blue tomorrow…”

“Great, because I’m going to need at least seven color changes for what I have in mind.” 


Pink… lilac… magenta… daffodil… grass green… mint… teal… sky blue….


The end


The Trouble with Glub

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

This story was published in UNDER NEW SUNS, book two of Tales of the Year Between By Skullgate Media

After generations of warfare against the ominous Swarm, the United Planetary Alliance settles on a desperate gambit—send a squad of Marines to steal one of the Swarm’s bio-organic battleships. However, it turns out the ship isn’t merely alive but fully sentient... and it has a mission of its own. As the ship leaps across the galaxy, dimensions, and eventually reality itself, the crew has a new goal—stay alive! Join Skullgate Media on an epic space-opera filled with sexy murder-queens, ring-planets, and freaking space-sharks, all fueled by psychedelic Vesuvian coffee and sixth-dimensional funk!

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