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Events & Appearances

May 2022

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Lecture at the Beer-Sheva Municipal library, may 24th 2022

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Lecture at a morning about publishing, may 29th 2022, Rishonn Letzion


April 2022

QuaranCon2022 True Villainy Panel - April 8th at 9.30 pm


Happy to announce I'll be in the True Villainy Panel on April 8th at 9.30 pm DST (UK time). Click the video above to hear me talk about my bad guys.

About the event:

QuaranCon started in 2020 when the spread of COVID-19 forced many conventions to be cancelled and forced readers and authors alike to stay home and quarantine. It's a free, virtual convention that is meant to be inclusive, welcoming, and fun! We're planning all kinds of great content including AMAs, panels, workshops, readings, and contests!

#QuaranCon2022 will run from April 7-11 2022

Check out and it’ll display in your own location

About the panel:

Villains are people (sometimes) too, so they’re as complex & diverse as we are. Nothing ruins a good story like a baddie who falls foul of realism. Love them, hate them, or want to be them, we’re discussing how to write believable, three-dimensional antagonists. 

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Portal to Fantasy Presents... April FREE, 99c, and Full Price Book Fair

Portal to Fantasy Presents...April FREE, 99c, and Full Price Book Fair group promo.jpg

April 6th at 7pm - I'm having a launch party - close to home, so stop by if you're in the area

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