To reclaim her voice & magic, 18-year-old Mila embarks on a dangerous quest to Achten Tan – City of Bones.

To reclaim what she lost, she must steal an ancient relic from Bone Master Opu Haku's sky high lair.

But in the City of Bones enemies & friends are not who they seem and trusting the wrong person can be fatal. 

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The day teen eco-terrorist Jorden Lund left Earth he had 4 months left to live.

His suicide mission: Build a bomb, destroy a space ship and save the world.

But falling in love wasn't part of the plan and completing his mission means sacrificing the girl he loves.


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In a world where magic is a group effort, powered by laughter, a young mage must regain his magic to face a ruthless rival and save the girl he left behind

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