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Welcome to My new Fantasy YA Book - the world of Laughter Magic

Meet the gang:


After his father is killed in a failed conjuring, teen laughter mage Zach renounces magic to protect his anchor Ory - the girl who shares his heart & mind. When Ory disappears Zach must regain his magic to face a ruthless rival & save the girl he left behind.


Getting kidnapped by an evil laughter mage wasn’t Ory’s plan this week.

Neither were mind-reading ex-boyfriends or floating parties with booze bubbles.

Now Ory must decide - resist the dark-eyed, swoony Darx & escape or regain her magic by joining the Darx side


Darx is the bad guy. He kidnaps our heroine Ory & uses magic recklessly. He throws epic floating parties, has a sad backstory, & has dark-eyed brooding down to an art.

...but love triangles in YA are the worst, so can y’all stop shipping him and Ory?

K? Thanx


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